Command Line Options


Catalog saving and report generation can be automated via the provided command line options.  First, a normal catalog must be saved in the main \Catalogs folder with the watch and ignore settings to be used in automation.   It is recommended to use a simpler name than the suggested time stamp name when saving this catalog.  


Command line options:


1. fileWATCH.exe Catalog_Name /Save

Uses settings in Catalog_Name catalog to save a new

catalog with the current time stamp. This catalog is

stored in the \Catalogs\Auto folder.


2. fileWATCH.exe Catalog_Name /Report

Loads the last catalog that was saved via the above

option and generates a difference report. This report

is stored in the \Reports\Auto folder.


3. fileWATCH.exe Catalog_Name /Report /Delete

Same as above, but deletes the saved catalog to save

disk space.


4. fileWATCH.exe /Silent

Suppresses all user messages and logs them to the

fileWATCH.log file instead.