1. How do I ignore the Recycle bin(s)?

Load the popup menu of the Ignore these

folders tab by right clicking in the list.

Select 'Add: Define Folder Mask' option

and enter "c:\Recycled\" (no quotes).  If

you have more than one hard drive,  enter

":\Recycled\" to ignore all of your bins.



Figure 1. - Configuration to ignore Windows Recycle bin(s).


2. Missing & Extra files

These files are found by comparing

properties of current filenames on the

system with those saved in a FW

catalog file.


3. Changed files

When a file isn't missing or extra, it's

current status is again checked against

saved data:


Attributes: Read Only, Hidden, System, Directory

Date & Time: Windows Stamp

Size: Bytes

RSA MD5: Calculated internal file signature.


4. Why is a folder/file inaccessible?

This means it was not accessible via

Windows (not  DOS compatible.) Shared

Netware and/or MAC volumes may have

some un-scannable folders. If a file is

not accessible, you may want to

CHKDSK or ScanDisk for errors.


5. 'Messages saved in fileWATCH.log?'  

If a folder/file is inaccessible or any other

problem occurs it is noted in the log file.