Saving a catalog


1. Main Settings, Watch these folders

Highlight drive(s) or folder(s) to catalog.

Right Click for popup menu to edit defined folders.

Use Shift or Control to make multiple selections.



Figure 1. - Only highlighted folders will be cataloged.


2. Main Settings, Ignore these folders

Highlight folders you wish to exclude from

scan. All folders and files within highlighted

folders will be ignored.

Figure 2. - Highlighted folders will be excluded from catalog.


3. Main Settings, Ignore these registry keys

Highlight registry keys to exclude from

scan. The two watched registry keys are


Define keys to ignore under one of these like



Figure 3. - Highlighted registry keys will be excluded from catalog.


4. Under Catalog Menu

Select Save.

Choose desired information to collect.



Figure 4. - Available information to save.


5. Under Save As Dialog

Enter desired filename in the standard Windows dialog and press Save.


6. Please Wait

The Ready dialog will appear when complete.