Viewing catalog files


This is an advanced option found under the Tools menu.

The files within a catalog may be displayed in the Catalog Viewer tab.

This feature allows the content of media such as cd-roms or dvds to be

stored and later viewed within the fileWATCH interface.

A simple search option is provided on this tab which may be used to

locate files and folders.


1. Under Tools Menu

Select View Catalog Files.

A standard Windows dialogs allows the desired catalog to be selected.


2. Catalog Viewer Tab

The file contents of the catalog are displayed in this tab.

The folder structure is displayed in the left panel and files in the right

panel like the Windows explorer. 


3. Searching

Enter some text of the file or folder name you wish to find in the provided

text field. Press the Find Next button to find the first instance. This may

be repeated to find the next occurrence.

Selecting the Search all Catalogs checkbox will allow all saved catalogs to

be searched rather than just the one currently loaded.


Figure 1. - Enter file or folder description to find matching items.