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fileWATCH is a file monitor and registry monitor that will monitor file access and registry access on your system.

This page contains links to files available for download. Click on the appropriate link under the description of the version to begin downloading.

A definition of the file formats is available at the bottom of this page. All file sizes are approximate.

fileWATCH Version 5.01

    Click below to download the latest version:

Notice: Valid registration codes for version 5 will continue to work with this version.  

            Format: .exe (1,019 KB).
            Last updated: June 16, 2005.

Required Components:

    Most users will find they already have these components installed:

  • Microsoft Windows Installer (included with Windows Me, 2000, or above) 

          Update only required if setup fails to run.

Obtainable at Windows Update site or via direct download below:

    Windows Installer Redistributable for Windows 95, 98, and ME

    Windows Installer Redistributable for Windows NT 4.0 and 2000

  • Microsoft HTML Help (included with Windows 95C, Internet Explorer 3.02, or above)

    Update only required if help file fails to load.

    Obtainable at Windows Update site.    


File Formats

.exe    Windows Installer self-extracting executable
.zip    Windows archive file
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