Users of fileWATCH have numerous options for reporting problems or asking questions not answered in documentation.


Registered customers will receive free support and all problems with the intended functionality of the program are addressed ASAP.


1. FAQ


  Please read the Frequently Asked Questions first.


2. Problem Report Form


  Preferred method of submitting a problem to the author.

  If an error message indicates an entry was made in the fileWATCH.log file, please submit the contents of this file via this form.


3. Suggestions Form


  Suggestions to improve the application, documentation, etc. are welcome.  New feature requests from registered customers will be considered but not guaranteed.




  Direct email contact with the author.  Please try the previous options first, as they contain fields requesting pertinent information.


5. FAX: (240) 414 - 8130


  Direct fax number for customers without internet access.


6. Phone


  Phone support will be provided to registered customers when necessary.




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